Pau Sanchez
Programming, technology & business


Over fifteen years of experience developing and releasing several high-quality products used by tens of million users around the world.

Self-motivated and team-oriented, I have experience in leading, motivating and managing small teams and coordinating with remote teams and individuals (across different timezones).

Excellent programming skills and problem-solving abilities using top industry technologies and standards.

Experience in programming and developing server apps (frontend+backend) and desktop apps (linux+windows), including design and implementation of Content Management Systems and E-Commerce solutions. Experience in creating DRM technologies for both PC and Android.

Extensive experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies in shipped products during my career (C/C++, Java, PHP, Go, Node.js, Python, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, x86/64 assembler, dalvik assembler, …).

During 2009-2010 I launched some products to the market as entrepreneur. These products never had wide adoption but gave me good experience and helped me grow and change from a developer mindset to a business mindset. I now think more in terms of providing solutions to help users/businesses overcome their problems, regardless of how the problems are approached in a technical level (which is of course important, but not the end goal).